Dead Magic. Black Magic...

by Aqsa Imran
(London, England)

The Trace of Blood.

The Trace of Blood.

Lily loved to draw. She was just one great artist. In her imagination the drawing would come to life, she had THE wildest imagination ever!

One day, as Lily was reading the local newspaper, she gasped - a sorcerers' magic had gone bad and so had he himself! It also said: "He will make you draw something bad and he would turn it on you! Get rid of all your knifes, pens, pencils and paper!"

Lily couldn't believe it! She had to throw out her whole pencil and pen set, even her sketching and painting pad had to go! But knifes? Lily didn't understand... knifes? So she didn't care about the knifes but she let go of everything else.

Later on that night, Lily couldn't sleep. Outside was lots of rustling coming from the trees as they were just next to her window. The leaves slowly died, but Lily didn't understand why the leaves fell, the world was in the middle of summer!

This was getting more confusing by the minute. All of a sudden, the rustling stopped. The windows creaked a bit then stopped. Then there was a loud groaning so high pitched that it literally smashed the window! Lily screamed! A piece of the glass came flying towards her, the shape of a knife, but it missed her by an inch! It hit the wall and started to scrape it. Lily was too shocked to do anything - except turn around, which was a big mistake... the knife scraped and scraped and scraped until...Lily saw a drawing of herself smiling, but with a knife through her head.

Just at that moment a skeleton with a long velvet cape and top hat floated through the smashed window. The knife went straight into the skeletons' hand and turned into a pencil.

In his freaky croaky voice he said, "The drawing turns on you!"

After that, Lily was never seen again, all that was left was a trace of blood across the scraped wall and a GLASS PENCIL...

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