Dead girl knocking

by Lidya Diaz

One stormy night,parents Joe and Melissa went out on an evening date and left there 12 year old daughter all alone. "Karla,we'll be back at 8:00" her mother said and hurried on. Their house was know normal house, but little did they know about the deaths that happened over these decades.

When Karla was done with her dinner, she brushed her teeth and went to lie down, but as soon as she closed her eyes she heard a noise; a banging noise at the door, so Karla got up and went to go check out the creepy sounds.

When Karla did, she opened the door very slowly and saw nothing, nada at the door so she started up the stairs. All of a sudden, she saw a ghostly figure pass by her so Karla zoomed up the stairs and into her room and locked herself in the closet with the light off. When she turned the light on she saw the terrifying thing standing before her eyes then closed them tight.

As soon as her eyes opened, Karla thought it was gone she was relieved, but when she turned around she watched as the figure stabbed her over and over.

When the parents arrived, they opened the door and went up stairs to check on their little girl, but she was not in her bed; so they checked the closet and Karla was laying on the middle of the floor dead.

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