Daughter of the Killer

by Tiffany J.
(Los Angeles)

Once there was a 9 year old girl named Laurie Bolton. She lived with her foster mom Vanity and her foster sister Vanessa.

She started having scary dreams of a psycho killer man named Joshua Lloyd. A few weeks later, she asked Vanity "Who is Joshua Lloyd? Is he real or just imaginary?" Vanity sighed and finally said "Laurie, he is your father." Laurie was shocked to hear this. She immediately ran upstairs to her room and cried.

Vanity quickly ran upstairs to comfort Laurie. "I want to hear the truth about myself" said Laurie. Vanity sighed again "Your real name is Judith Lloyd. Your mom Carrie abandoned you when you where a newborn so you would be stalked by Joshua instead of her."

Later that night as she was going to Vanity's room, Vanessa ran to her and screamed, "Laurie we gotta get out of here now!" Just as soon as she said that, a man with a knife appeared behind them, dragging the body of Vanity.

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