Dateline 2008

by Charlotte Lenz

It has been three weeks since the Palm Berry Fair. It was such a popular fair, everyone in the town would go. Even some people who lived in New South Wales, but then, this isn't any ordinary fair.

It's a haunted fair; some people would say that 'haunted' is just a word to scare you, but nonetheless, here is what happened.

One stormy night, deep in the town was a little house not far from the ocean, and on this night there was a massive, blow-out party. As kids jumped, screamed and laughed their hearts out, the music was so loud it pounded in your ear.

The young hostess ran to a window in search of more guests. She looked out with curiosty hoping the rain would stop just in time to go to the fair that night, after her party.

She peered into the distance trying to look through the rain. She had to squint, only to see a figure that was emerging from the darkness. She struggled to get a better view. It was a man, tall, skinny, and with thin, black, bushy hair that lay smoothly on his head. A big, black coat, as baggy as can be, torn jeans and no shoes.

She stopped squinting; thinking that it was nothing, and went back to the party.

Later on, when the party had finished and remnants of food and drink where everywhere, the music went quiet and she sat there, cleaning the carpet, never noticing that there was someone at the window.

Suddenly the man from the window disappeard and there came a knock at the door. "w-who is it" she yelled. "Knock"knock". She sighed. "Coming" she said, and swung the door open. The man emerged from the darkness, the light glancing off his face.

"Aaaiii" she screamed. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the couch. He jumped on her and began cutting and slashing...

The next morning, after the sun had risen, her parents came home in horror at the sight of their little girl laying before them. Her mother ran out screaming in anguish. The police barged in behind them, as they had eventually been called by a passerby.

Later that day, the newspaper headline read...

"Dateline 2008
A young teenage girl of 15
was brutely tortured, raped
and murdered!"

"The neighbours heard nothing but a bang followed by a scream. They thought that the house party was still going at the ocean-side residence. Hours later, the parents arrived, shocked and crying out that they should never have left their daughter on her own."

~ ~ ~

A similar storm passed through the town sometime later.

~ ~ ~

"Dateline 2009
A young teenage boy..."

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