Dark night of a holiday

by Chloe

it was a dark night and we were going on holiday the next day so we went up to bed.It was so dark i couldnt see any thing but i could see a white figure in front of me i tried not to scream,but it was so hard i let out a piercing scream.

Suddenly my mum started runing up the stairs and she screamed too when she saw the white figure in front of us. She ran to my dad who was sleeping and tried to wake him up but dad wouldnt wake uup so she went to the bathroom got a jug of warter and went as fast as she could to the bedroom were dad lay sleeping. She threw the water over him and dad woke up shouting. The white figure came into the room and dad shouted even more. Mum shouted over the screaming ans shouting for my brother to come here so he did and then mum shouted to dad 'were going now pack as quickly as possible'.So we went to pack for the holiday.

When everyone was ready we headed to go but the car had no disel to get were we were having our holiday so we used mums car.We were in scotland the next day we stayed for a few weeks as it was the Summer holiday.Then went home and everthing was back to normal until next Summer holiday.

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