Dancing with the Devil

by Kelly George
(London England)

There was once a young girl of 13. She was getting ready to go to her school Prom. She had purchased a red sparkling dress just for the occasion. She knew she was going to look stunning.

She was just getting ready to leave, when her mother came into her room. She looked worried and pale. 'You're not going to that dance Anna.' said her mother. 'But Why?' was a reply. 'I have just spoken with the local preacher. He said that this dance is a dance with the devil!'
Anna was solemn, but so adamant that she had to get to the dance. So at around 10:00 she snuck out to Greenville Town Hall, where the dance was taking place.

When Anna got there she was suprised by all the attention. All of the boys were fighting each other to dance with her. She never normally was in the spotlight, but it seemed that tonight was her luckiest night ever.

After she had danced with about every boy. She walked over to the table to get some cold fruit punch. Standing next to her was the most gorgeous boy ever. He had black hair that had been slicked back. The most emrald eyes she had ever seen. He was stunning.

He asked her to dance. She said yes. Once they made it to the dancefloor, he began spinning her, round and round and round and round. The floor began to melt underneath her feet. She felt hot and dizzy. Then, she vanished.

The boy bowed and disappeared. The devil had spun her to the deep darks depth of hell.

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