Dancing Disaster

by Elanore

I was in Japan on a school tour, many miles away from my family. 7 other students, as well as the most popular boy in school who is also my major crush (let's call him Sam), were on this trip as well as 4 teachers. 

On the way to Hiroshima, we decided to take the bullet train. My friend (let's call her Mel) asked me to accompany her to the toilet. I refused to, so she said that I could listen to her iPod. Like the doofuss I am, I agreed.

As I was dancing away in the corridor I did not notice the door sliding open. Of course, just then I was doing my most stupid hip shaking, stomach wobbling move. The door clicked into place wide open and in the doorway stood Sam. Of course, being stupid enough to rely on him to keep it a secret.

Whenever I pass him at school he mimics my dance moves and gets me so embarressed.

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