Do you think your cussing will make a good impression?

Cussing is an uncommon term but a common, negative display of what?

It's easy to imagine that swearing, like other aggressive behaviours, is first picked up from outside influences. By outside I mean the person, not the home. This activity is related to hitting, pulling, pushing, fighting and yelling and screaming and you should examine those discussions.

Instead I'd like to touch on one aspect that often confuses me. That is that (I thought) swearing was the domain of the redneck or perhaps the uneducated. And yet I know some very intelligent individuals who 'swear like truckers'. I always considered cursing to be unacceptable, at least in mixed company. I had my rules, some passed down from my father, and they have served me well. Swearing is not impressive (to me) other than to provide a bad impression.

In everyday life, most adults lose the other aggressive tendencies, but for some reason, many hold steadfast to swearing. As though it's become an acceptable trademark. Well... they got the trademark part right! So my overall concern is that if this carries forward into adulthood, and some adults can't control the activity, then it would be very important to curtail the activity in youths... to do them a favour.

I guess I only remember my father cussing when he was very mad at something, like banging his thumb when hammering. Otherwise, he and his friends and my relatives, did not need to swear. There was no need. There is really never a need. Tell your child this. Cursing only makes them look bad. They'll get more bees with honey. My opinion.

Curiously, cable comedy and movies use swearing as a tool. And adults, still titter and hee hee when the actors or comedians use foul language.

Those cloistered at an early age are shocked later in life when they hear it. Those trained not to use it are never shocked, but slightly amused... too bad they (the actors...) had to resort to that. Those that swear regularly, are ecstatic.

Go figure.

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