Cursed Kid

by Danii

A little girl was at school for the first time she had moved so many times you lost count. No one knew anything about her, why she came, where she went before. She was always going round on her own but at a certain time she would vanish holding this special book. All the boys teased her because she was alone and not the prettiest of girls, but they soon stopped but no one knew why.

One day i tried to follow her to see where she'd go and what she'd do, she said some sort of curse in her book and then vanished. She was no where to be seen. Then one day she was invited to her first sleep over, there was only 3 girls and she didnt know what to do, or say. At the precise time of 3.00am she was supposed to say her curse but, her skin turned red hot and the curse appeared on her body, then she remembered she hadnt said the curse. Her friends grabbed out to touch her but she slowly disintergrated into flakes of ash. The girls parents didnt even question where she'd gone because they said they didnt remember seeing her! -

The 3 girls found out she didnt have parents, they found out she didnt go to another school, and they never found any evidence of her being alive. Was she actually real? Ever since nothing has been said or investigated about her, but they say when you have a bonfire BEWARE of the ash because if it goes in your eyes you relive the same fate.

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