by Gene Palisoc
(Taguig PH)

Curiosity killed the cat

Curiosity killed the cat

Meagan is finally free from college and finally entered a bigger part of her life. Staying at a small rental unit in Alberta, she picked the room number 3 because that is the only room left. Room number 4 is empty, it has been banned for private reasons.

Meagan stayed there for two weeks and found out that the other room (room number 4) seems to be too noisy, and that it distracts her. Curious on what's on the other side, she found a hole on the side of her drawer that she used to peek in but all she can see is the color blue.

Confused and unaware, she went out and asked a security personnel about what is in that room, the employee said, "Alas!! Three weeks before, a girl was killed in that room. Not finished with the investigation the manager banned that room for spiritual purposes. But I've seen that girl, all I know is that she has a blond hair and a blue eyes.

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