Curiosity killed my soul

by Erica Porter

I was about half a sleep when I heard a banging sound coming from the downstairs. I slowly crept out of my bed, as the noise continued in my head. As soon as my toe touched the bottom of the staircase, I heard a loud shreak which sent shivers down my spine. I quickly shook it off and left to find the noise. I listened in every room, every wall, and I even put my ear to the floor, but no sign of danger. Suddenly my dog started barking.

I ran outside seeing him digging in the garden. " No! Dont dig in there!" I yelled as I reached down to pick him up. He just stared at me motionless. His eyes showed no sign of blinking. I then moved my head to see if he were watching me, but when I moved my head to the right his eyes just glared at the same spot, motionless.

Slowly I turned my head to see what he was staring at, nothing. Nothing was there. When I turned my head back toward him he was no longer in my hands. He was no where in sight. I went back to the garden to look at the spot he was digging in. Nothing. I slowly walked inside to tell my parents that Ruffy was missing.

When I entered their room no-one was there. "Mom? Dad? Hello?" no one answered. I ran back outside to recheck the hole. It looked bigger? Wait, there was something in it, but what was it? It was small, tan, and pointy. I bent down on my knees and started digging with my hands. The tan object was increasing in size as I continued digging. About a minute later I stopped digging.

I knew what the object was, a HUMAN FINGER. And it was probably still connected to a body. I closed my eyes trying to stay calm, but a theory came into my head. What if this was my Mom or Dad! I quickly jolted my eyes open and began to dig again. Finally I got to the sleeves of the mysterious victim. It was the the same pink blouse my mom was wearing before she told me good night.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I continued my search for the identity of the person. I was right... it was my mom. Her body was covered in blood and her neck had been bruised everywhere. Then I came across her eyes. They were wide open. They looked just like Ruffy's while he was in my arms. Then I glanced to the left of her body. Blondish hair covered in dirt was standing out. My dad. I didnt bother uncovering it for there was no point. Still crying, I turned around and lay on the grass, then closed my eyes and fell asleep.

About an hour later I felt 20 pounds pressing on my stomach. I opened my eyes slowly. My... Dog was staring at me with his eyes still motionless. When would this nightmare end! I thought to myself. "Never" a voice from behind answered.

The next morning I woke up in a dark enclosed room. It was only enough room for me to put my arm at a 90 degree angle. On the outside of this "room" I heard people sobbing and saying why did he have to die? "Oh my, oh my!" I had just realized I wasnt in a room, I was in a coffin!

"Help! Help I'm not dead!" I shouted loudly. It was too late I was under ground. I still struggled to get out but it was no use. I turned my head to the right as I gave up in defeat. There was something writen on the "wall" it said "Curiosity killed the cat, but I have killed your soul!"

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