Clown in the corner of the room

by Matthew Harrison

Talking to my friend the other day, and she says she was at the police station the a few days ago. I asked her why out of curiosity, and she says someone broke into the house she was babysitting at and went to attack the child. i ask her to tell the whole story because this really grabbed my attention. she said this.

"Well my parents were going out with some friends to a dinner party, and there friends asked me to look after their 4 year old son. Because im 14 and cant get any jobs yet i took up the offer to earn abit of money.

So im round their house and it was getting late, about 8:00 - 8:30 ish, so i went up stairs with their son and put him to bed, and he asked me to open the window because it was too hot in the room, so i did.

I go back down stairs after leaving him in the room to sleep, and im watching T.V. when i hear him scream. I ran up the stairs like a bullet incase hes hurt or something. I burst through the door and ask whats-up. He says hes scared of the clown in the back of the room.

The clown had court my attention because i didnt notice the clown when i first in the room putting him to sleep, and i would of noticed it because it was about size of a man, so i grab the boys hand and went down stairs to comfort him.

I picked up the phone and rang up my mum and she passed me onto the little boys parents. I shouted down the phone why do they have such a scary looking clown in the house, let alone being in the childs room. They asked what am i on about, so i said theres a life size clown in the corner of the room of the little boy rooms, she says "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW !! GET OUT THE HOUSE WITH MY SON PLEASE ! GO TO THE NEIGHBOURS !"

After hearing that i slammed the phone down without asking why and grabbed the boy, who was a little confused by the whole thing and screaming in fright and yelling go away, i turn round the clown is at the top of the stairs. I stormed out the door and without even knocking on the neighbours door, bursted into their house and locked their door. They asked whats the matter and everything, i told them, they rang up the police and they came over and checked the house i was babysitting in and took a statement off me and the little boy.

The little boys parents car screached round the corner and told me why i should of ran out the house.

Turns out the clown is a man who dresses up a clown who breaks into peoples houses to hurt little kids and kills them after, and was under infestigation from the police for a couple of months.

He was then found next day hiding behind the bins a round away from where i was babysitting day before."

You ok, she says "yeah but even though the man was court, the little boys family still dont feel safe and moved away"

This is a true story for all readers, and happend over 2 years ago.

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