Clown Doll

by Diksha

Once upon a time there was a little girl who never smiled or had never been happy. Her parents try to make her happy but it never works. Then one day, the parents took their daughter and went to a toy shop. They wanted to give her a doll. So they let her go and fine one doll and come back. Finally the girl found a clown looking doll and somehow started laughing and giggling.

The parents were surprised how that doll could make her laugh but they bought it anyway. After they purchased the clown doll, the shopkeeper warned them and said, "whatever you do, do NOT let anyone be alone with this doll". The parents didn't really care so they just forgot about it.

One horrible and rainy day, the father of the little girl had a severe car crash and he was at the hospital. The mother was worried at home so she said to her daughter, "Sweety, mommy's gonna go to the hospital and check on daddy. Just play with your doll, I'll be right back". So the mom went for an hour or so, depending on the injury.

When she came back home, she noticed blood dripping on the floor and she couldn't find her daughter. The blood led to the closet and when the mom opened the closet door, she found her daughter ripped into pieces and the doll with a knife so it turned around and said to the mom, "YOUR NEXT!".

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