by Suzy

Crawling Demon

Crawling Demon

One night i was sleeping .. and my parents room is right across from mine, so i tell them to sleep with their door open cause i get scared and i am freaking 19 years old! .. well my house does seem to scare people.

So it was winter and i have 2 dogs .. but in winter its too cold to have them out in the porch .. so we let them in and they sleep in the basement. And may i add its dark and dingy down there. But we keep them in cages.

So this night i was half asleep and my dogs are starting to whine like they want to get out of their cages.. but it was too late to have them running about .. so with a little time they stopped. Minutes later i hear my dogs claws coming up the stairs .. they sounded very heavy and long .. and i thought "How the heck did he get outta his cage!" .. and my mother heard him too .. since she has her bedroom door wide open .. so she told me to put him back in his cage .. and i sure wasnt gonna do it by myself .. so she came wit me.

Once "he" heard us comming .. "he" quickly ran back down. Which is kinda like him to do. When we opened the door it was pitch black so we turn on the lights going down the stairs. Once we reach the bottom to our shock! they were both in their cages !! .. I totally freaked out and so did my mother. From then on we dont leave them down there . and we try not to go down there either.

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