Church Murderer

by Angie

Who's playing the piano?

Who's playing the piano?

Lily lived in a small house in Illinois. She was almost 13 at the time when this story takes place. One day, Lily was outside in the summer sun. She didn't have any close neighbors because she lived in a very small town.

She was walking down the street when she noticed an old worn down looking church. Being very interested, Lily couldn't resist but go in. When she walked into the church she saw the cracked wall paint, the patches of carpet, and the dark undisturbed pews.

As she started walking in, a faint piano started playing somewhere. She listened a bit closer, almost intrigued by the rhythm and went out of the main room and started walking to a small music room at the end of the hall which she thought the music came from.

The music kept playing, and Lily was also surprised, thinking that maybe she could be finding a new friend. She slowly walked up to the door and suddenly the music stopped. She opened the cobwebbed door and didn't find anyone at the piano, or in the room.

She looked around the small room and noticed a small picture of a sinister looking man with a blade in his hand, and the weird part was, this picture looked new, almost as if someone had just put it there. At the bottom of the picture were the words "get out".

Lilly started to freak out. Lily wasn't one to believe in ghosts, but she wasn't too sure someone would have gone out the window in the side of the room, besides, the window was cracked and locked.

She went home and looked on-line on her computer. With many searches, she found that the pastor of the church she visited was murdered by the piano player of the church 50 years ago. That's when Lily realized that the piano that Lily heard was the spirit of the murderer that killed the pastor many years ago.

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