Choose a better path

by Conner
(United Kingdom)

Don't Do Drugs

Don't Do Drugs

Don't Do Drugs
Drugs in many forms
Cannibis or marijuana

It all started a few years ago, 3 years to be exact, but before I tell you about the worst things that happened, I'm going to tell you about when I was someone who had everything they ever needed. A time when I never had anything to worry about and I was living life to the fullest.

I was a normal 6 and a half year old boy at first. I used to go out with my friends and play games ride our bikes and play football like most kids, but then I felt like I had grown up to fast so I started hanging round with people older then me who smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol and took drugs.

At the beginning I did not try any of these because I did not know the effects, but as they say, one thing leads to another and before I new it I was doing all of these at the age of seven. I suddenly felt like an adult.

My brother knew this teenager who lived not so far from my house he had a shed in his back garden and that`s where he and the rest of his friends used to hang out.

My brother persuaded me to go harping on for about ten minutes so I decided to go, and they where smoking weed through a hot can and asked me if I wanted any. I thought I was a hard man. I was only a young boy though it did not get me high, little did I know that was the start of a powerful addiction.

After that experience I thought drugs were not as bad as my mom and grandma used to tell me, but trust me, in the long run, they were 20 times worse then they described them. I had found a new friend that also had a shed and smoked weed there. I won't say his name, but anyway, he said "go ahead make yourself a fix" which is a dose of drugs that gets you high. I backed out and said I was not feeling like any because what they were smoking was way bigger than what I had smoked the previous day. I knew that would have a strong effect on me. I took a glance at my friend's eyes and they where blood-shot, and he looked drowsy.

I did not want to be like that because I had not long been out of bed. I won't go into too much detail about this boy because now that I'm almost fifteen he will be sure to beat me up. As the weeks went by I was smoking it almost every day. All of us were now going to a friend's house. There were about 35 of us all together.

I stopped going with these people in 2009 and found some new friends which did not do drugs. They just drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes.

I was fully hooked on weed. I did not want to tell my mom, but one day I was sitting, crying, because I did not have any money to feed my habit. She sat with me for about half an hour and I finally let loose and told her my problems and she helped me out.

I had smoked cannabis for 7 years. I'm off it now but about 75% of people do not quit the habit and have serious problems. In the near future I will be writing a full in-depth story about my journey to hell and half way back.

Please do yourself and your family a huge favour. Say no to drugs!

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