Chloe's birthday's present

by Koh Hui Wen

I was with my two best friends, Glenda and Valerie, ready to go to my friend's birthday party. We got our gifts ready and went to her house. At her house, Chloe greeted us politely, "Hi! I've got some games ready. We'll play them until everyone is here."

We gave her the present as we played like mad people. Anyway, only a few people turned up: some geeks, some cousins and a few classmates and friends. "Okay! Let's cut the cake!" I yelled. "No! A person's not here yet!" Chloe interrupted, "Or maybe..." We opened our ears big to hear what Chloe's going to say next. "Or maybe...he won't come. I hope Bronson would come!" Chloe mumbled.

We all knew Bronson was Chloe's 'boy friend'(well,let's just say he was her secret crush!)!Just then,the bell rang.Valerie whispered to me,"Hey,her lover is here!" Chloe casually opened the door and welcomed Bronson in. "Oh,Bronson! I was wondering if you would come!" she exclaimed. "Okay! Cut the cake!" Glenda shouted in front of the love birds. "Oh! Right!" Chloe's mother shrugged. Chloe was cutting the cake until she said, "Ow!My hand! I need someone to cut the cake with me! My hand hurts!" Chloe burst into tears, finding words in her mind to let Bronson help her. Instead of him, her father helped her!

After we wolfed down the cake, we played a dancing game. The mat will show where to put your leg. Valerie played with Glenda first. Valerie won! Chloe's brother was an expert, so he stood up and played. After a few rounds, I was suppose to play with Chloe's brother, which won in all the rounds. I was about to escape when he called me. "Well,here goes luck!" I gulped.

It DID end well. Guess what? I was able to defeat the expert! It was about 6.55pm. It was time for Chloe to open her present. She tore the wrapper like a mad person. First, she opened mine. Then Valerie' on. After finishing unwrapping all the presents, I asked her,"Well,why do you look so unhappy?" "Well, SOMEBODY has not given me a present!" Chloe yelled. "One small present is not going to break your happiness!" Glenda shook her head. "Yes it is! And what's more, it's not small!" Chloe said shyly. According to her expression, we all knew it was BRONSON. "Oh,yeah! Right!I forgot! Here's yours!" Bronson stood up. Chloe saw nothing in his hands. "WHERE'S MY PRESENT?" she demanded furiously. "Your a..." Bronson laughed, "Hug from me to you!" Valerie and Glenda, along with me, guffawed until we split our sides. "So,that's your present! Huh,Chloe?" I laughed at her. But at that time, we realized Chloe had fainted with joy!

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