China dolls from hell

by Rhea E.
(Tilehurst Reading England)

I was really bored that day and wanted to go out shopping with my mum to a new little shop that has opened with little old fashiond things, all very vintage. That's what I really liked is vintage toys and clothes.

I begged my mum if she would take me there but sadly she couldn't because she had to go to work. So instead of taking me she gave me 50 pounds to go and catch the bus and go to the little shop and buy something nice. When I got there I went into the little shop and something spotted my eye.

I turned and saw a giant red and pink box with silver details on. And a little blue key. I looked at the price and there was no price? I went to go and pay for it but the lady just said. It's for free my dear no one ever wants to buy the... She went silent for a while then told me to take it away from the shop forever and when I open the lid it will mean danger to me forever?

I ignored her and went home carrying the box. When I got home mum wasn't back and there was a message on my phone from my mum saying she won't be back intil 3.20am because she has a meeting. I went upstairs and looked for the box. I grabbed the key and and slowly opend the box.

There were four china dolls in there looking at me, smiling, then one moved its hand. I shut the lid and screamed and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Then the doorkey opened and the door swung open and there were the dolls, holding my dead mother in their hands slowly eating her.

Then they jumped on me and started eating me alive as I was slowly dying in pain.

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