China Doll

by Benn B

As ten year old Annabelle walked past the charity shop. Something came over here she didn?t know what or why but she wanted this china doll in the window. It was a small figurine with a pale white face, long dark straight hair, big brown eyes and red rosy cheeks in a red Chinese dress. With Chinese symbols all over. So her grandmother went in and inquired about the doll. The shop assistant replied its only two pounds. Without a second thought she bought the doll for Annabelle. The shop assistant then handed the doll over with a plastic bag; it had a booklet about the doll and a separate backing for the doll. Annabelle had no intentions to read the booklet or inquire about the separate backing.

Annabelle skipped out of the shop happy as could be, leisurely strolling down the street whilst clasping onto this doll. When she got to her grandmother?s house, her mother was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. Annabelle ran to her mother with a gleeful look shouting
?Look what granny bought me, look what granny bought me!?
Annabelle spent the rest of the day playing with the doll and having tea parties with her. She had named her ?Leigh.?

By night Annabelle was shattered and was ready for bed. She was lying in her bed with Leigh when her mother came in. Her mother suggested that Leigh sat on the bedside table, so that she didn?t break. Her mother tucked her in so she was all warm, kissed her on the head, switched off the light and shut the door; but not fully just so there was the light of the hall way shining in so she wouldn?t get scared.

Annabelle woke up to a loud noise which had startled her. She went to see where the noise had emanated from. It had been her mother?s room. She opened the door and there was her mother lying in her bed with a knife sticking out of her but there was no sign of a struggle or an intruder. Annabelle began to cry and cry and cry until her grandmother came rushing up the stairs to the sound of her granddaughter balling.

Her grandmother immediately called the police and the ambulance but there was nothing the ambulance could do, she was already dead. The police had decided to keep a watchman there in case the intruder returned. The next night Annabelle's grandmother came in did the same nightly ritual that Annabelle?s mother had done.

Again Annabelle had awoken from the sound of a scream; the scream of her grandmother. Annabelle rushed to her grandmother?s aid. She found her on the floor with a knife in her. Along beside her Grandmother was her China doll, Leigh. The Police man crashed through the door to find Annabelle in her grandmother?s room and her lying on the floor dead.

Annabelle was sent to stay with her father in the next town over. She was only aloud a few personal items from her house as it was now a double homicide crime scene, so she took her doll, a picture of her, her mother and grandmother and also the booklet that came with the doll and the extra backing. Annabelle was curious how her doll had ended up in with her grandmother in her room, when she had known it was in her room and her bedside table. So she decided to do a check on her doll online. There were a few articles from papers from papers dating back a few years that mentioned a china doll like Leigh. Headlines read ?Family killed, Police has no suspects except a doll!? and ?killer Doll?

Annabelle became weary of the doll. So she asked her dad to put her up in the attic. Annabelle sat in her bed reading the booklet. It read ?CAUTION, always have pink back in doll? it read on to say that if the doll had it?s red back in it then it would become evil and come to life but if it had the pink back in it wouldn?t come to life. Annabelle looked down to her hand to see which back she had in her hand. It was the pink one. Then all of a sudden there was a thumping noise. Someone was coming down the stairs; as that?s where her room was.

Annabelle could faintly hear
?Come play with me Annabelle, come play with me!?
Said over and over and over again. And it was getting louder and louder and louder. There was a scratching at her door and there it was Leigh holding a knife slowly making her way towards Annabelle.

In the morning Annabelle?s dad had come to wake her up and found her lying dead in her bed, with her arms wrapped around the doll.

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