China Doll Story

by Lauren
(United Kingdom)

One day there was a little girl called lucy. It was lucys 5th birthday and her nanna audrey gave lucy a china doll. After audrey gave lucy the china doll audrey died.

Lucy invited her friend emily over her house. They were playing with the china doll and then lucys mother called them both down to have dinner so lucy left the china doll on the floor by the bed. When lucy and emily came up stairs the china doll was on the pillow of lucys bed. Emily ran down staris and said to lucys mother can i go home and lucys mother replied yes so emily went home.

After that Lucy played with her china doll downstairs. It was lucys bed time and lucy went to bed without the china doll. Lucy went to sleep and then the china doll went into the kitchen drawer but lucys parents heard the china doll so the parents went into the kitchen and saw nothing so lucys parents went back into the living room and started watching loud tv.

The china doll got a knife from the draw and started climbing the stairs and as she was she said lucy im on the first step lucy im on the fourth step lucy im on the eighth step lucy im on the landing but lucy got out of bed and went on the landing and took one more step and tripped over the china doll and cutt her leg with the knife and fell down the stairs and died.

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