Chico saves my life

by Michael W.
(Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia)

A story about our Chico the Chihuahua, he saved my life. One Saturday afternoon, my wife and maid went out shopping and I was alone at home upstairs with my Chihuahua.

I switched on the CD player and turned the volume up. I was with my PC and searching through the web for some busy body. Suddenly, Chico left the study room to the landing of the staircase and barked furiously as never before.

I thought that someone had broken into our house. I took a baseball bat and looked down the stairs. To my surprise, I saw a cobra snake wiggling its way up the stairs at the third steps. I walked down to the mid landing and used the bat to frighten off the snake.

It was almost about eight feet long black cobra snake and it wiggle out of the house through the side door. I thought for awhile, had Chico not alerted me the snake could have come upstairs and bit any us later.

Because of his heroism we bought him a big bone to chew. Sometimes I just browse through the pictures of the snake that I managed to take then…with my IPhone 4.

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