Chicken little nightmare

by Evonne H.
(South China)

My friend Christie and I are in the 7th grade. We had a friend whose name was Edward but we called him Chicken Little because of his hair and his face and the way he acted. He also had chicken legs.

It was Halloween night and Christie and I went out to go trick or treating. I was a princess and Christie was Snooki. While we were walking down the street we saw a chicken feather with blood. We were scared. We were very curious and we thought maybe Chicken little died. Oh no... but then when we walked longer we saw Chicken Little hopping like a little girl all happy as merry as can be.

Then he took out a knife. He started to chase us. We ran and ran so fast as we can. But he tackled us and started speaking in Spanish. We were like huh? What you sayin foo?? We dont understand nothin... He stabbed Christie first and she died.

I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to Christie's house and her mom was a zombie. She ate my brain... Now Christie and I are in heaven typing on a gold computer to tell our story.

Chicken little I hope you're happy.

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