by Jessica Mtz
(San Juan, TX,USA)

"Hey, you going to go to the beach?," he asked. "Yeah, heard it's gonna be really cool," she replied. Sharh was talking to her boyfriend on the cellphone. Her parents made her go out with Derek.

He wasn't the best of boyfriend, he was quiet, shy, and never kissed her. She wanted a boyfriend who was a little bit outgoing, always kissing her and a little crazy.

On the beach {where Derek wasn't going}she met her perfect guy. He always came on to her, really outgoing, and always knew what to say. His name was Tomas, he was a real daredevil, but that was the price.

One night, Tomas wanted to go into the haunted house, there were a lot of weird stories about that house, but he didn't believe them. He went in, but nothing happened to him. Sharh believed him, and they got a hotel room together.

Tomas wanted to go into the bathroom and take a shower. Sharh thought he was taking too long, so she went in the bathroom to check up on him. "Baby, where are you?" No reply. "Baby?" She let out a blood curdling scream. There was Tomas, his head split in half, and Derek was right next to him holding a bright red, blood covered knife. "Liar, cheater, your next!" Sharh tried to escape his grasp, but it was too late. Derek had slit Sharh's throat.

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