Centimetre Squared

by Rebekah

spooky or scary

spooky or scary

One day Jane and Harry were waiting for their "babysitter" to come when all of a sudden the youngest daughter of the 4 children that they have comes down and goes "don’t go daddy and mummy I don’t want to be alone in the house" and Harry says " it will be okay darling don’t you worry" and her mum says "no ghosts will come I thought we sorted this out last time now OFF TO BED" so off she went.

A little while later the two children that are about the same age come down and go "did you hear there is someone out there that comes and attacks you!" their mum in a higher voice says " just go to bed if you continue to do this I will not let either of you out to see your mates and take all your electronics away NOW OFF TO BED" so off they go.

The oldest of the children comes down and asks “can I watch some movies on my laptop when the babysitter is here” and the mum and dad said “yes, yes just don’t watch scary movies around the younger ones and if the babysitter asks tell her your mum said you could go on until you were bored and no one looks at my stuff or at what I am doing on my laptop” so off she runs whilst shouting ok.

The babysitter eventually arrives and the couple run off to see a movie together. A few hours after the babysitter arrived the phone rang so she answered it even though they said not to unless it was them. The voice on the other end whispered “centimetre squared, centimetre squared, go and check on the children. Centimetre squared, centimetre squared!” so she walks upstairs with the phone in her hands but when she gets to them and sees they are ok the person on the other end of the phone is gone.

When she sits back after putting the phone down she hears rustling behind her seat so she gets up to check but there is nothing there. She sits back down and watches a spooky movie. Quite a few hours later the phone rings again and it is the same unidentified number. She picks up and says “this is not funny and I have had it, don’t ring again if anyone was coming for the children they would have to get through me first so leave us alone” and puts the phone down.

A few minutes the phone goes again and the person on the end says “centimetre squared, centimetre squared, go and check on the children, go and check on the children. centimetre squared, centimetre squared!” so she legs it up stairs still on the phone saying leave us alone they are not in danger, but when she gets up stairs the two youngest children are cut in to centimetre squared chunks.

She screams and drops the phone exactly when the voice says “guess who is next watch out I’m coming for all of you” she runs outside with the eldest following close behind they both get in the car and start to drive to the restaurant where the children’s mum and dad were eating until the oldest child gets a text from her mum saying this is the unidentified number your mum and dad are dead leave the babysitter and walk into the house or you both die.

The two of them leave the car and walk in but the babysitter walks in few minutes later after the eldest screams. She legs it up stairs and screams before she is cut into centimetre squared chunks.

The phone rings and falls off the stand. The voice on the end shouts “centimetre squared, centimetre squared you are the last one always listen to what you hear not what you think as it might be wrong” and lets the phone beep continuously, beep… beep… beep… watch out for the CS.

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