Caring Doll

by Michael Pineda

There once was a girl named Lizbeth, she was really poor. One day as Lizbeth and her parents were shopping for food, Lizbeth spotted a doll with long, shiny black hair. She begged her parents to buy it, but their parents saw the price tag and harshly told her, "no."

The next day she returned to the store to see the doll and it looked as if somebody put red lipstick around the doll's lips. Lizbeth thought she looked prettier with the lipstick on, therefore she begged her parents again to buy it. Her parents saw how much she wanted it, so they agreed to buy it.

They returned to the store and took it to the cash register. The doll was on discount for the cause of the lipstick. She took it home happily and played with it for 2 weeks, but then she became tired of it and stopped playing with it.

On her birthday she took out the doll to show it to her friends. After the party, Lizbeth decided to sleep with the doll. The next day her parents found Lizbeth dead on her bed bleeding from her neck.

The next week her parents returned to the store and spotted the same doll with twice as much red lipstick around it's lips.

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