Camp Super Heros

by Kylee Needles

I'm pretty sure that there once had been a Camp Super Heros. Yes, yes it is all coming back to me I'm goin' to tell you about it before I lose my memory (again).

I was seventeen years old and had nothing to do. I found a paper that said Camp 'Are-You-Bored?'

"Yes, yes I am bored and need to go there now!"

So I went to Camp 'Are-You-Bored?' and saw all of these nerdy guys walkin' around. The worst part of it was that they were wearing Super Hero costumes! Yeah it was pretty bad. One of them came over to me and asked what I was supposed to be.

"Ya know what I'm supposed to be? Not talkin' to you!"

After he said that the nerdy kid ran away crying. I tried not to think about who I would be sharing a cabin with but it just kept popping into my head. Who would I be sharing a cabin with? What will my cabin look like. I kept on thinking about those things when I saw the most beautiful girl in the world! She wasn't wearing a costume, she looked like me not knowing where I was. She had brown, shiney, short hair and sparkling brown eyes. She looked over to me and stared. I broke the staring and looked away. I pretended to look behind her just to see if she was still staring at me. No I don't know where she is. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked behind me. It was her!

"Hello." she said staring at me with amazement.

"Er- hi." I said plainly trying to sound cool. I saw you looking at me over there. I think you have beautiful eyes." she said.

"Thanks you too." sounding dumb.

"My name is Cara." she said holding out her hand.

"Jake" I said also holding out my hand.

"Well I do believe we can choose which cabins we want to be in and the people we want in it. You can be in my cabin if you like." Cara whispered.

"That would be cool." I said also sounding dumb.

Well that's all I remember. Later on I married Cori- er I mean Cara. (background voice) "WHAT, WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

"Ha, good thing she's deaf."


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