Bus Stop

by Brittany R.

In the little town of Lonervill pass the mountans and river by the train station is a bus stop. No one ever seen a bus actully stop there before. No one except Miss. Lunor a ninty year old women who at age five saw one bus going there. It stopped a midnight on the frist day of the new moon of the year, Miss. Lunor declares that a group of people got on, never to know who they were they just got on.

Little Sahara decieded to stay up on the night of the new moon of the year of 1949. Her home was right there, right by the Bus Stop. It was 10:35 and then 10:55 soon followed by 11:30 then she saw a group of kids, standing there.One boy intetested her,a young boy with a red ballon. Shara walked fast and looked at the children, all young. None talked just looked straight ahead, Shara sat by the boy and smiled, "Who are you." The boy turned to her, "No one." He looked straight, Shara looked at the ballon, "Nice ballon." The boy didn't do anything, then Shara sighed,"Well where dose this bus lead?" One word the boy said, "Down." Down? thought Shara, down to Florida, down to New york? Where?

The boy burst out in tears, Shara thouch the boys arm then all the kids cried.11:50 would Shara get on the bus? Most likely no, she would just read where it went.Each child stopped crying and looked straight ahead, the boy said outloud to me, "My name is Sam." The boy handed me the red ballon,then the stroke of Midnight, the bus came to the stop and nodded to each child, they got on unwilling, the man inside looked at me, "Getting on?" I shook my head no and the doors closed and went off i glanced at the boy one last time, he had a tier mark on his back.

I walked back to my home, i tied the ballon on my door and feel asleep.I woke up and walked down stairs, my father handed me the paper. I looked at the cover "Young boy died in a car crash, wasn't a bright boy. Had no parents and lived with an aunt for ten years." I saw the picture, him, the boy with the red ballon. The ballon was even in the picture. Under the picture a name, "Sam Cane."

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