Bully busted

by Carys

Rachel and Sophia set off down the gravel path toward their houses. “Did you hear what those ghastly twins did today Rach?” Sophia said to her companion Rachel Hacken “Yes they beat poor Timothy Cornwell no good those two!” Rachel replied.

There was a rustling in the bushes followed by a deadly silence. Rachel and Sophia both had a look of anguish on there faces. Bog a big buff dim boy jumped out of the bushes he was half of the horrible pair Rachel and Sophia had been talking about. Then Bogs fowl and grubby jumped out from the other bush. “Oh how lovely to see you pretty things why don’t you come a little nearer so we can tease you!” Edna simpered. Bog moved over and picked a girl up in each hand and threw them against the tree, the teasing had only just begun.

“Soooo Sophia I heard you got straight A’s congratulations on becoming teachers pet!” Edna said as she circled around them like a shark hunting her prey she expected poor Sophia to burst into tears but instead Sophia said “Oh isn’t it lovely! Congratulations I heard next week will be your last week at Long Beach secondary! Are you proud of it?” Sophia’s voice dripping with sarcasm. “Shut up!” Edna said in a sinister voice. “Oh I really hope one of the schools will accept you with your record the only school you haven’t been sent to is Saint Lawrence and that was because they wouldn’t accept you!” Sophia said turning the situation around.

“Come on Bog, let’s leave these two dimwits.” Edna said and strutted away telling her brother that he should have made Rachel and Sophia’s injuries worse. After Bog and Edna had walked away Sophia pulled herself up and then helped Rachel up. Rachel’s injuries were far worse so Sophia grabbed her phone and dialled Rachel’s home number. “Hi this is Sophia McLeay can I please talk to Mrs. Hacken?” Sophia said down the phone line. “Oh Sophia it’s me! What can I do for you?” Mrs. Hacken said “We had a run in with the bullies Rach is pretty badly injured.” Sophia replied “I’ll be there!” Mrs. Hacken said and wasting no time put the phone down.

After the phone call Sophia quickly rushed over to assess her friend. “Are you ok?” Sophia said. “Not really” Rachel replied. Sophia turned over Rachel’s leg and found a gash in her leg. “Your mum shouldn’t be too long after all you live just down the road.” Sophia said hoping to calm her friend down a bit. “Sophia, Rachel are you ok? Ooooh I am going to have a real fit if this happens again the headmaster still hasn’t sorted those two out!” Mrs. Hacken said as she rushed down the path quickly picked up Rachel carried her home and thanked Sophia for helping Rachel. “You never cease to amaze me darling.” Mrs. Hacken said as she walked home.

When Sophia got home she was home alone. Her mum had gone to the psychologist after Sophia’s dad had left her mother had gone into depression also after Sophia’s dad left Lisa Sophia’s sister let go of her eximplary school work and became a party girl. So Sophia went to the pantry pulled out something to eat and started her homework.

Sophia’s outside appeareness was confident and happy, but if you looked to the next layer you would find a shy lonely person.

The next afternoon Sophia and Rachel met up at Long Beach Park and put their plan into action. The plan was to give them a makeover but not just any makeover- a shaving cream makeover! They knew Bog and Edna daily routine. At 7:30 it was time to hold hostage the first victim of the day, Timothy Cornwell an easy job for Bog and Edna as he was rather puny and plump. Then a level up at 1:00 they would tease Georgia Lilia an athletic and self-conscious girl who cared what the popular kids thought of her. Then at 3:00 the first person to pass down the gravel path (usually Gregory Snitch) would be their last victim of the day. And then at 5:00 a nap at long beach park until 6:00 in the summer and 5:30 in the winter. It was summer now so the odds were on the girls’ side then after 6:00 they would head home to plan the torture’s of the next day.

Rachel and Sophia were dressed in black ready to put their plan into action they were equipped with a makeup kit a feather and some shaving cream. They crept up behind Bog and Edna and carefully set the make up kit on the stone wall. The make over had begun! Once Bog and Edna’ gorgeous makeovers had been finished, Rachel pulled out a small can of shaving cream and a pink feather.

Sophia and Rachel nodded at each other, Rachel started spraying the shaving cream on Bog and Edna’s hands. Then she handed Sophia the feather she tickled their noses and it worked like a charm. The makeover had finished and was highly successful Rachel and Sophia got what they wanted-REVENGE!

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