Bucks Branch

by Megan
(Liberty KY )

where i live there is a road called bucks branch which is where my grandmas sister lives my grandma and a few other family members go to her house somtimes and my cousin is there sometimes the road is very creepy on the side of the road as you turn in to go on the road there is a house that is rotting now sits there there is rumors that the house is haunted even the dogs will not go into that house anyway this isnt even the story the story is one day my grandma took me and my two cousins isaac and kimberly salyers now these are fake names i dont want to tell there real names anyway my grandma took us to her sisters house and when we got there our other cousin sammantha was there and she ask us if we would like to go walking up the creek so we did we had never went very far up the creek so it was a little creepy cause the road is so scary anyway when we got so far we saw this house so we were a little suspicous about it so we went in the house it was so creepy inside the floor were rotting out so we had to be carful and the walls had mold on it and there was this door and it had tape on it and was locked we stayed there for a little while and sammanthas mom hollored for us to come eat so we left we were going to come back after we got done eating but when we got back to the house we ask my grandma and sammatnthas mom and some others about the house and they gave us a weird look they ask what house we told them the one up the creek they said there is know house up the creek we said yes there is we were just in it so after we ate they came with us to see it but sure anough when we got to were it was it was gone all the kids said what the heck my grandamas sister told us there was a house there many years ago but the man who lived in it killed his self in the bedroom and the house burned down after he killed his self some peaple say he had a candle lit and it fell of the table somehow and burnt the house down after that happen i never went with my grandma again cause the road was to creepy and weird so i dont know the real story behind the house but it was a very scary day i can tell you that i still get goosebumps even now writing this

(Phil G: I left this story unedited only because it has charm. Be assured I will reject those of others who don't make their best attempts to use proper grammar, spelling, paragraph breaks, capitalization etc.)

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