by Georgia
(UK England)



Mr and Mrs Eliott were a happy couple until the bad news came. Mr Brogan Eliott had a disease that couldn't be cured. Soon after they were told this, Brogan died in his bed.

His wife, Hilliary, was left with her only son Tom. Three weeks after Brogan's death Hilliary and Tom were sitting in the kitchen having lunch and talking, Tom heard a knock on the door and went to go and answer it. It was a Golden Retriever. "mummy look!" Tom shouted.

Hilliary came running to him at the door, "what is it?" She looked at the dog and stared. The dog walked straight in and sat on Brogan's reading chair.

"GET OUT!" Hill said to the dog.

"No mummy, can't we keep it?"

"We can't, it might belong to someone else"

"But it hasn't got a collar on"

The dog jumped off Brogan's chair and ran into the living-room. Hilliary and Tom followed the dog. The dog got one of Brogan's books of the coffee table, it then placed it next to Tom.

Tom picked up the book, it was the book they used to read to each other, "how strange" Hilliary said. The dog then ran into the garden and sat on the bench that Brogan always sat on when he felt upset. Hilliary had a tear in her eye.

It was like the dog was Brogan, like Brogan's spirit was in the dog. Golden Retrievers were his favourite dog.

At that moment, the dog ran upstairs. Tom and Hilliary ran up to following the dog. The door slammed shut. Hilliary opened the door, and there the dog lay, dead.

On Brogan's bed...

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