Boogie Monster

by Kara

Sometimes when I'm in bed I hear weird noises coming from under my bed And So I reach under my pillow, make sure my tooth is secure, and then grab my lightsaber. and turn it on, and look under my bed And then I stood back up, and there stood the boogie monster!

I quickly cut his head off with my awesome lightsaber skills. Then I realized that, we were planning on playing checkers together that night I was so mad. But I was looking forward to the next day when he would come back! but He didn't show.

So I waited another few days, and he never showed. So, I took his head, and I yelled at it. "WHEN ARE YOU COMING!!! I MUST BEAT YOU IN CHECKERS!" He didn't answer.

So I went to my mom, and asked her why he wasn't coming to see me. First she said that the boogie monster wasn't real and that i need to grow up. But I assured her he was. So she finally decided to just give up. And said, "maybe it's cause you cut his head off!".

That's when I realized. I had cut his head off. :[

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