Bloody walls of a cottage

by Catherine Sabbarton-Wright
(North London, England)

John was the girl's last victim before Katie and her family came along.

John was the girl's last victim before Katie and her family came along.

There was a girl named Katie, who lived with her grandparents, after her parents had died in a car crash. They'd been happy living in Blackberry cottage for many years, but with the grandparents retirement came a fresh start. They wanted to move into the countryside, where the air was fresh and they could enjoy life to the full.

Katie hated the idea of being moved as far away as possible from all her friends and family, but most of all her old home, where she lived with her parents. Every day, after school, she would go there and just stare at it, remembering all the good times she shared with her parents. She was so attached to the life she'd built up here, in London.

The following Saturday they all went up to see the new house, in Exeter. The Grandparents loved it and tryed to encourage Katie by letting her pick what room she'd like to be her bedroom. As she climbed up the stairs she went and looked around the rooms, she'd already got her eye on the biggest room of all. When she was in the room she was a bit disappointed with its appearance.

To start with the walls had paint peeling off them and they were damp, then as she studied the room closer she could see that the paint was rapidly peeling of its own accord. She moved closer and went to investigate the situation, as she had done this she saw that behind the paint were the words "WHOEVER LIVES HERE, DOESN'T LIVE FOR LONG", written in thick, red blood. She ran downstairs as fast as she could, clutching her bag.

Where were her grandparents? They were supposed to be sitting in the front room chatting to the estate agent. They weren't though. They weren't in the garden either. Then as she ran passed the stairs to go out the front door, a girl appeared in front of her. "GOING SOMEWHERE", the girl said, with a grin on her face. Katie went into a panic. There was no way out, her only exit was blocked. Then she remembered that she'd left the backdoor unlocked from before, so in a hurry dashed towards it. As she turned to head for the door, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. The girl had stabbed her in the back of her head and as Katie lay there slowly dying, she could see the girl writing the "WHOEVER LIVES HERE, DOESN'T LIVE FOR LONG" and underneath she wrote "KATIE."

A few centuries later the house was set on fire, but people still question whether or not the girl was destroyed with it.

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