Bloody Neck

by George N.
(Australia NSW Canberra)

Tim had a best friend named Samantha. She was very nice and honest everytime. They visited each other's houses nearly everytime. They liked each other very much and Tim even had a crush on her.

But the thing about Samantha that made Tim curious, was her creepy, black ribbon. She would wear it everytime. Even when she went to the bathroom. Tim asked her why she wore it but she would just smile and say nothing.

Now they were both in college. Tim asked her once again why she wore the black ribbon, but once again, she laughed and didn't say a thing. The ribbon looked very creepy, it had small, several stitches on the side and a blood, red mark on the middle, but Tim still liked her.

They finally graduated from college and decided to start a life together and got married. Years passed and Samantha unfortunately got cancer.

Knowing she'd die soon, Samantha said to Tim that he could take the ribbon off once and for all. Tim with trembling hands untied the knot and the ribbon came out....

And Samantha's head fell off.

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