Bloody Cassie

by Terra

There was once a 15 year old girl named Cassie. She was always picked on in school for always jumping higher than everyone else. "One day, I'll have my revenge on you people."

After that day, she was nowhere to be seen again. Two classmates named Bonnie and Billie walked into the science room one day to see no one in the room except for a shadow.

"Cassie?" "You two always made me your science pet and now you will pay." Cassie got up off of her chair and flew across the room grabbing them both by the necks and choking both of the girls until they were dead.

At second period a boy named Robert entered the room to see Bonnie and Billie on the ground dead. "It's nice to see you Bobby." He looked up to see the ghosts of Bonnie, Billie, and worst of all Cassie.

From then on Cassie killed every classmate of hers that had picked on her ever since preschool.

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