Bloody Barbie

by Victoria Syverson
(Camas Washington)

Barbie doll

Barbie doll

One day, in Arizona, a little girl played with her Barbie doll. The girl was poor and lived with her widowed mother. The little girl had very few toys. Her mother always had to leave the girl home alone, and the small child would often get scared.

One day, her mother didn't come home, and as night fell darker, the girl got more scared. She slept with a beautiful Barbie on her small bed. The Barbie started to frighten the girl, because she'd fall asleep, then wake up with the doll right in her face. So she locked the doll in her closet, and fell asleep.

The girl woke up in sweat from having a horrible dream that the Barbie was chasing her with a knife. She couldn't stop staring at the closet. She felt a presence. The door to the closet cracked open. There sat Barbie, watching her.

The girl hid under her covers. Told herself it was a dream. But fear crept through the windows and into her body. And the nightmare never ended.

Soon she couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the room, but chasing her... Barbie with a knife. The girl ran out of the house and screamed. The mother came home the next day to find her daughter ripped open in the forest, and a bloody Barbie doll beside her.

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