by Tom P.

Once upon a time a family of three moved into a large, old house on the outskirts of the city. The Jensen’s had moved as the mother was expecting a baby.

The house was big enough to fit twenty people in but the whole structure creaked every time you took a step, which creeped out the son of the family, Joe.

”Choose a bedroom you like, any..." his mother said on the day they arrived. He quickly rushed upstairs, running in and out of each bedroom without even looking at them and randomly chose the one a the end of the long corridor. ”I’ll take this one" he said to his mum as she entered the room.

"Why on earth do you want this one?" she asked, looking around. "Well I dunno, I just like it..." he answered, also looking round. "Fine, fine..."

By the end of the week they were all unpacked and Joe was pleased with his room. But then something happened. One day Joe was heading up to his bedroom when he heard something smash, like a window or mirror. He hurried to his room and opened the door to find his vase that he had made at school was all over the floor, he looked up and realised that the light bulb was flickering and every time it went off the room went pitch black.

Joe started to whimper and scream "mum,mum!!" he called over and over but the door swung shut with a loud thud. Joe ran over to the corner of the room burying his face in his hands. He could here the smash and crash of the objects flying around him. Then silence....

Joe looked up and saw something that would scar him for life... a pale, tall, woman dressed in white gowns and hair long and black resting on her shoulders. But the face, the awful, hidious face... Joe saw the woman's eyes, black with black liquid running from them down her face. Her mouth wide open, no teeth just a small black hole making the noise of someone gasping for air.

"Get out, who are you, Argghh!" Joe cried closing his eyes.

"Joe. Joe honey, wake up, wake up..."

Joe opened his wary eyes and looked into his mother's realising that he had fallen asleep and had a bad dream. "Oh mom I had the worst dream ever." Joe told his mum all about his dream and she suprisingly seemed to understand. So she bought him a dream catcher that he hung on the end of his bed, it was supposed to keep the bad dreams away.

One month later Joe enterd his bedroom and went over to the window to shut it, when he turned round he saw something written in blood all over his wall, the dream catcher on the floor, broken in two. The Note read:


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