by Pema Trashi

We were classmates for two years, year 2008 and 2009. In the first year we were not even friends. As the time passed, we became friends in second year that we were in 12th standard.

we had talked, smiled, greeted, laughed normally. In the class all were busy asking phone numbers of friends. That time she was asking mine and i gave her.

After our examinations we were parted to our homes. I was really in tension whether i would pass or not and was waiting for results.

One evening of year 2010 i got call from new number but it was her. she was asking about results . it was out of sudden and was first time that i heard such a sweetest word from her ever. In fact i had also had some feelings on her. I had become swain of her. we loved each other much and i thought our love would last forever. I felt the sense of true love.

our results were out. i have got in some college and when i gave her call she told me that she had not qualified for colleges, she wanted go in further studies. After a month i joined the college.on same day she went to outside country for studies. still we kept on calling each other, we were in touch.

But after a year, she messaged me "you are not messaging and calling me so u must have forgotten me and some body out here loves me, i want to go for a person who loves me not whom i love, bye".

i didn't write reply...........and we are no more in relation.

i feel that distance really matters in love.

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