Beautiful Scary House

by Lim Dayae
(Busan, Korea)

I was with my sister and our friends, with two tutors in my house.

We were in the room studying and I asked my tutor to tell me a scary story and all of us inside the room are listening and we were noisy.

The door was open then suddenly the door slammed and all of us were scared so, one of our tutors went to the door to open it but the door was not opening.

We thought my mother was doing a prank to us, so we said "mum open the door please!" but still it's not opening so my other tutor went there to try to open the door but it still can't open so she pulled it hard, and it opened.

We went running downstairs screaming, looking for my mom. When I saw her I told her the story, and she said "just use the other room."

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