Barbie came BACK!

by Madison
(Traverse City, Michigan)

Jenna, my sister, had trouble with the Life Sized Barbie and gave it to my Aunt Dakota.

So one night we all spent the night at Dakota's. We were painting on the Barbie and dressing it up with UGLY clothes. When we all got bored, we put it on the chair(the chair is diagonal of the big couch)and went on Dakota's computer... all of us.

So we got bored with the computer and went back in the living room. To find the Barbie on the couch. Every asked if someone came out and scare us by moving it. But NO ONE did it.

So we got scared and walked to the garbage(In our neighborhood it is awhile away from where Dakota's house is). So after we threw the Barbie out we went to sleep.

We woke up to a noise in her closet. We all got up and opened the door to find... Barbie. She was there in front of our eyes... we thought we threw her away.

So a few weeks later Dakota had a garage sale. No one bought the Doll so we decided to burn it.

Bad choice.

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