Band-Aid Lady

by by: Ash
(from: NJ)

One time in Long Branch, NJ three girls went to spend a day at the beach. Their names were Lisa, Melissa, and Ashley. They swam, played in the sand, and even had a game of hide and seek! The sun was scorching, and it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. They had just eaten lunch and played for two hours.

It got hotter and hotter outside. They soon remembered that at the end of the beach in west end, there was a snack stand. The girls were jumping for joy when they were told that that stand sold ice cream. This was their favorite beach snack. So, they grabbed some money from their parents, and were off.

The sun was beating very hard on the asphalt and concrete of the street and sidewalk. All was well, until Melissa decided to make a sudden move. She grabbed Lisa, and stole the shoes off of her feet. Then, she ran away as Ashley tried to help Lisa get off the boiling hot concrete. The two younger girls sat on the grass in front of some condos, as they watched Melissa tease them with the flip-flops.

"Bing." An idea had landed into Lisa's head. She thought Melissa might show some mercy if Lisa pretended that she had a splinter. She whispered the plan into Ashley's ear. "Ouch,OUCH, ASHLEY, MELISSA, HELP!!!!" Lisa screamed. Ashley went to Lisa's side to aid her in "walking". Melissa stared at Lisa and Ashley with terror in her face. She started to run to them until all of a sudden out of nowhere, a voice erupted from above.

"Honey, do you need a band-aid?" the lady asked. She asked this with a very southern accent. This was very shocking to all of them and they just stood there to process all of this. One of the weirdest things about this was that she talked with a REALLY southern accent. However, in New Jersey, people are not used to these accents. So, the girls just giggled some more. Also, compared to them, she was quite old.

"No thank you, mam." Lisa replied. Then, Ashley threw off one of her shoes, and Lisa grabbed it. Then, they both ran as fast as they could towards Melissa. Their faces looked so scared. They have never met this woman in their life. Also, you could tell that she was having a family party in her condo, because she left the door open, allowing people to look inside. When, they reached Melissa, she just teased them some more and then threw the shoes into a bush. To the little girls' luck, they were now in a thorn bush. They eventually retrieved them, and continued on.

They got to the shack and ordered some ice pops. Lisa got a coconut fruit bar, Melissa got a snow cone, and Ashley got a firecracker ice pop. They ate a little, and decided to continue on. They walked down the boardwalk, and quickly approached the same condos. Lisa and Melissa had finished their ice cream, so only Ashley was finishing up with the humongous firecracker.

Unfortunately, Ashley's ice pop started to melt in the sizzling summer sun. Once again the lady spotted this and said, "Honey, do you need a napkin?" They are were more scared then they ever have been before. Melissa, being the oldest shouted, "No thanks!" She then grabbed the two little ones, and ran for her life. The three girls were gossiping about this all the way back to their towels.

This day was never forgotten. They retold the story to everyone they knew. All the children at these schools know the story of this beach day. The girls also gave her a name that day. This name was to live on in their imaginations forever. Her name was "Band-Aid Lady".

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