by Patch

There was a group of shooters that were going to a shooting ground. Now at this particular shooting ground there were men that you had to aim for. The men had full body suits on that had sensors all through them. The shooters used that when they "shot" the men, the men would get a prick from the suit, and so fall down as if dead.

The shooters were lining up to get their guns. The group was very big, so there was a very long line. The men went through the gates, collected the guns, and then headed out into the field. It came to my uncle Paul who was the last man, and there were no more guns left. The manager of the grounds handed him a stick and said " use this", to which Paul replied " What am I going to use this for?". "Don't worry. I have trained the men to fall down when you say 'bammety-bam-bam'."
Uncle Paul found this hard to believe, but he went out into the grounds and looked for some of the men.

Paul saw one hiding behind a bush and held up the stick like a gun and yelled "bammety-bam-bam." To the man's surprise, the man fell down like as if dead! Paul kept going around the grounds, having a marvelous time - "Bammety-bam-bam. Bammety-bam-bam. Bammety-bam-bam" and on he went - every single time the man he shot would fall down!

He then went over to a dirt road that went through, and started walking down it. One of the men he was to be shooting was walking towards him. So, as he had been doing, the shooter went "bammety-bam-bam." But nothing happened. He said it again - "Bammety-bam-bam." And again nothing happened. They were getting closer and closer to each other. He kept repeating it - "Bammety-bam-bam. Bammety-bam-bam. Bammety-bam-bam." The man just wouldn't drop down dead.

Instead he gave Paul a nudge, Uncle Paul fell down to the ground, and the man walked over him saying "Tankety-tank-tank. Tankety-tank-tank. Tankety-tank-tank."

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