Balance With Bamboo

by Vaman
(Bangalore, India)

On one weekend in the early morning boys and girls of the same neighborhood went out with the pet Julie. Among the boys Joe, Tom, Harry and Joshua were in the aggressive mood to jump into the adventurous game, but the girls Nancy, Judy, Stella were just in the joyous mood to have a jolly trip outside the home.

The ages of all the kids were in the range of eight to eleven years. They were walking on the path meant for pedestrians. They reached a secluded place full of woods and decided to play for some time. Joe said, “I would like to suggest a game in which everybody participates actively and derives enjoyment.” “Is it a new game? Asked Tom. Joe replied, “Yes.” “If you suggest a game which gives recreation it would be OK.” said Harry. “The game should be not only recreation but with full of skill and thrill.” Joshua said.

All the girls were thinking seriously about the game. An idea was flashed to Nancy.
She said, “I have devised a game of skill and gives you thrill also. I think it will give you everything you need.” “Would you please explain us the details of the game?” Judy asked. “Wait for a while” said Nancy. “Why do you keep it in suspense? Come out with details.” Joe asked.

“I need at least six feet bamboo and two supporting wood. The bamboo should be erected firmly with the help of supporting wood. It should be three feet above the ground level. See that it should not tilt. The participant of the game has to walk over the bamboo like a rope walk. Those who reach the other end without any problem would be declared as winner.” Nancy said.

Everybody accepted and appreciated her idea. Before commencing the game some rules were framed. Boys went to collect the bamboo and supporting wood and other materials. They got it within few minutes. The pitch was ready to start the game.

Who should start first, boys or girls? It was decided to select the players one by one as announced by Joe. The first player was Tom. He climbed the bamboo and started for walk. He could not sustain the balance and fell in the middle. Harry and Joshua also failed to walk on the bamboo. The girls were ready for the game.

Judy was just near to the other end could not control her emotion and fell on the ground with minor injury. It was the turn of Stella to start the game. Before climbing the bamboo, she was observing closely the distance to be covered. She did not make any hurry. She was very slow while walking on the bamboo with firm determination to reach the goal. She never lost the balance till the end.

Where there is a will there is a way. All the boys and girls were keenly observing the scene. Stella was successful in reaching the other end and declared as winner. Though, Nancy had suggested the game, she could not get the opportunity to exhibit her skill.

The pet Julie was also keenly observing could not control her joy dancing for the victory of Stella. The boys and girls congratulated Stella for her brave adventure.

By the time the boys and girls were in home it was ten a.m. Their moms and dads were eagerly waiting their arrival for the breakfast.

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