Bad spirits

by Nicole Pleitez

So my friend and I were hanging out at my house during midnight. My parents were out eating dinner. My friend and I were watching the scariest movie ever... The Exorcist. When the movie was over the lights when out and we heard a loud smash upstairs in my room.

What the heck! my friend said. My friend and I were scared. Then all of a sudden we saw a girl in a white gown and scratches on her body. When my friend saw her she started to scream and she ran out the door!

"No, wait!" And when I looked back the girl was gone, but I knew I was not alone. I tried to run to the front door, but I heard a voice calling my name. "Nikki..."

"Leave me alone!" That's when right behind me I felt cold hands on my shoulders. Two cold hands. 3, 4, maybe 5. When I turned around I saw 5 little girls staring at me. They went close to me and pushed me down and kept on scratching me, and bit me.

They kept laughing and made fun of me as I lay there on the floor all bloody. Then they told me: "IF YOU EVER STEP FOOT IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN WE WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER."

Ever since then I never stepped foot in the house, but I would always see them smiling an evil smile. I wonder if my friend knew them.

People say that if you step foot in the house in New York, The little girls will kill you.

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