Bad Face Job

by Hailey

Mia never liked the way she looked. Julie had been Mia's best friend her whole life, and she knew about Mia's insecurities. One day she found Mia looking on the computer screen. "I can't believe it, I just can't believe it! A cure!" Mia shouted with excitement. "A cure for what, you nutjob?" Julie joked. "A cure for my uglyness!" Mia shouted once agian.

"Mia! How many times do I have to tell you you're not ugly?" Julie asked. "That doesn't matter now, and you know why? I'm getting a face lift," Mia said.

Mia was in the hospital bed and all prepared for the face lift. Julie sat by her bed. "Listen Mia, I have a bad feeling about this. Please reconsider! I've heard bad stories about false doctors who have messed up peoples' faces forever!" Julie cried. "Oh save it! I'll be fine, ok? Plus, there's no such thing as a bad face job," Mia said. nd it turns out that those words Mia spoke would be her last.

Julie waited at home and it seemed like hours since she left the hospital. Mia had promised to call her after the surgery, but Julie got no call. She decided to go back to the hospital to see Mia in person. When she got to the front desk, she asked the lady there for Mia's room number. "Oh, I'm afraid you can't go back there, honey," the lady informed her. "And why not?" Julie said. "I'm sorry, doctor's orders," the lady said again. "Give me the number or I swear you'll never see the light of day!" Julie shouted. "Room 409!" the lady shouted back, very frightened. Julie ran to that room as fast as possible. She reached it and got inside. "Mia?" Julie asked. Mia's eyes were open and her face was pale and still, as if someone just glued it on.

Julie walked up to her and touched her face. The stitches the held her face to her scalp ripped, and Mia's face peeled completely off. Julie screamed as the raw muscle and bare eyeballs on Mia's head stared back at her. She turned to run out of the room, but a doctor blocked her path, holding a sharp medical knife. "So, what do you think?" He questioned. "It's not my greatest work, but there's no such thing as a bad face job, now is there?"

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