by Kirsten

"Can you babysit tonight Sarah?" Mrs Shanon said. She is my teacher, my boyfriend's mom and she has 2 other kids. "Kevin will be there too" She whispered as if my dad was here. "O.K. I will have to tell my mom" I said quickly.

Later that night, I got all ready to babysit. My mom drove me to Mrs Shanon's house. "I`ll be back at 10. There are snacks in the fridge and movies on demand." She said rushing out the door. His dad gave me an evil look when he walked out.

Kevin's dad was a circus clown before he worked for the bank. Clowns have always scared me, but Mr Shanon was even creepier. The kids and Kevin were exited to see me. It was great until about 8:30. The kids were already in bed and I was getting tired.

Kevin was asleep on the couch so I went upstairs to the guest room. I turned on the light an there was a HUGE statue of a clown. I called Mrs Shanon. "Mrs Shanon, can I cover up the clown statue please?" "Sarah, what clown statue?" The clown pulled out a bloody knife and Kevin's head. I ran out the door ASAP. I never babysat again.

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