by Chelsea

One colf misrable night a wife and husband went out to dinner but they left their baby home with the babysitter. The parents said "Put the baby down for a sleep at 6:00 and I will call every half an hour to see how you and the baby are doing".

So as the parents go off for dinner it comes to 6:00 so she puts the baby down for a sleep and then the parents call and say how's the baby and she says "yep all good, but there is a guy out side the baby's window and he's looking at me in a creepy way." "Its ok he should go away soon" the wife said.

So the babysitter goes to watch some tv and as another half an hour goes by the parents ring again and the babysitter picks up the phone and says hello "Hi" said the wife "how's the baby?" she says. "I will go check on it" said the babysitter. So she walks up stares and sees the baby asleep but the man is still there, with a creepy smile on his face. "The baby's fine but the man's still there" said the babysitter. "It's ok. He should go soon" said the wife.

As a another half hour goes by she calls again and checks on the baby but this time the baby's all chopped up and the man is gone and she says "get home now your baby is dead!" so she calls the police and tells them the address and says "there's a dead baby come quick!" As the police come, the police man asks her "What window was he in" And she points to the one on the right of her and then the police man says "That's not a window that's a mirror".

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