Babysitter Blues

by Catherine P.
(Melbourne, Australia)

There was once a young babysitter. She was babysitting two children. The babysitter turned on the local news and started to watch. Then there was a huge headline above the newsreaders head saying "KILLER IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD". The newsreader said to lock all your windows and doors.

The babysitter rushed around the house locking every window and door in sight. She then hid the kids under the bed. The babysitter thought that no one could get in now. But she was badly mistaken. She glanced out the window only to see the family dog dead. On the dog, written in blood, it said: "YOU FORGOT TO LOCK THE BASEMENT DOOR!!!”

The babysitter ran downstairs and locked the basement door. Then she ran upstairs to check on the kids. The kids were dead. The babysitter was not afraid of many things. She kept calm. She picked up the phone and called the kids parents. She said in a calm voice "Um...Mr and Mrs, your kids are dead." The parents screamed and started shouting curses at the babysitter. She did not shout back though. She was worrying about something else.

She had gone down to the kitchen to call the parents and had found pictures of clowns everywhere. "Er...why do you have pictures of clowns everywhere in the kitchen?" she asked them.
"We think they're funny!" said the dad.

The babysitter dropped the phone. There, in the middle of the room, was a life size statue of a clown. The babysitter closed her eyes thinking that this has to be a dream. She opened them again. The clown was closer. She closed and opened her eyes again. The clown was even closer. She closed her eyes knowing that it wasn't a dream. Then she opened them again and the clown was just centimetres away from her face.

The babysitter was terrified. She ran through the house and outside to her car. She climbed in and the clown was sitting in the passenger seat. She opened the door and began to run. She tripped and fell. The clown took out a knife and said "You are a fool. You really think that you can get away!" It gave a huge, high pitched, cruel laugh. The babysitter screamed and before she knew it she was in a deep dark sleep.

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