Baby sitting

by Carrie Alexander
(N. Ireland)

“Sure, no problem!” I had just agreed to look after my neighbour’s 3-year-old son for a few hours while they went out for a meal with my parents. BIG MISTAKE! “So what will we do first?” Tim said with a cheeky grin. “Whatever you like sweetie!” I said, holding a (fake) smile on my face. He toddled off to find something to do.

After reading my book for about ten minutes I was curious that I hadn’t heard a sound from the little monkey. Where could he be? I thought. I walked into the kitchen. “NOOOOOO!!!!!!” I screamed! “This apple juice is disgusting!” Tim yelled. “THAT’S WINE TIM!!” “Oh.” He said casually walking towards me. “OWW!” he yelled. He had just walked into the table and banged his head. “Oh my gosh your dizzy! Lie down and have a little sleep!” He fell onto the couch.

“Hello sunshine!” Tim opened his eyes. “How are you feeling?” I asked. “Mmm…. Better!” “Good. Now, why don’t you relax and colour?” He followed me into my room and sat down where I had set my felt tips and a few pieces of paper. “Enjoy!” I said closing the door behind me. Finally! That would give me a little piece and quiet for a while!

Fifteen minutes on I wandered down to my bedroom to see if Tim wanted to go for a walk. “Tim…. what have you…DONE?” “Your wall is like a giant piece of paper. Far more bigger than the paper you gave me!” “Tim you… you… drew all over my walls!” I shouted. “More colourful now aren’t they!” he replied. I screamed. Tim just ran off….

When I had cooled off I went to the living room to apologize to Tim for shouting. “Tim… I’m …” he wasn’t there… “I’ve scared him off!” I looked all over the house but he wasn’t there. I ran outside. There he is! A sigh of relief spread across my chest. He was talking to my neighbour Jason – my secret crush! I ran over to them. “Tim you scared the life out of me! Oh hi Jason, thanks for finding him!”

“Actually he found me!” “I just wanted to talk to your boyfriend!” smirked Tim. “WHAT?!” I shouted.
“It says so in this book. “Carrie hearts Jason …” right here!”

“Tim that’s my diary!”
“Well since you heart me so much maybe we should go to the cinema tomorrow. 3 o’clock, I’ll pick you up. Bye.” Jason said. “OK. Bye.” I replied.

“You are the best Tim!” I exclaimed. “I know.” He replied. The rest of the time Tim and I spent together I let him do whatever he wanted. After all he got me a date… I was sad to see him leave… maybe I should baby-sit him more often! (NOT!)

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