Baby Bonic

by Jethro Waenga
(New Zealand, Auckland,Mangere)

One cold morning a mother was taking her little baby for a stroll over some mountains. The baby's name was Baby Bonic. She hated her baby because he was a bit dopey and out of control and on that same day it was his last. The mother accidentally dropped him onto the dirt and then Baby Bonic picked up the dirt. When the mother went to go pick Baby Bonic up he shoved the dirt down his mothers throat which pissed her off, which made her throw him down the cliffs. She didn't feel glad of what she had done.

5 Years Later...

The mother's in the kitchen cutting up some veggie's when she heard in her mind "Baby Bonic where are you" The mother said to herself "Oh I must have a headache" She continued cutting and then heard "Baby Bonic 10 miles away" (said in a nursery ryhme voice) The mother felt a bit freaked and started cutting a bit faster and she heard again "Baby Bonic 1 mile away" she tried cutting faster but then cut her finger and then ran up stairs to look for some band aids.

She looked out the window and saw no baby and then heard "Baby Bonic at the front door" She got scared and hid in her closet and once again heard "Baby Bonic walking to the kitchen" The mother thought to herself "Oh he must not know where I am" and heard "Baby Bonic grabbing him a knife" She started screaming in her head. She also heard "Baby Bonic going to the room" She could hear his foot steps walking through the door and the door creaking. She heard again "Baby Bonic going to the closet" She could hear him breathing on the door and the door slowly opened. She saw Baby Bonic standing there with a knife with heaps of scars. It was silent then all she heard was "Baby Bonic getting his revenge"

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