by Haleigh
(Morewood, Ontario)

My fantasy dream was broken by the sound of rustling outside. My eyes shot open and I saw a huge shadow loom over my tent. I sat, trembling with fear, and I could only watch as the thing slowly started to zip up my tent flap.

Finally, after what seamed like an eternity but probably only 30 seconds, the zipper was zipped up all the way and a huge beam of light shot me straight in the face. I shielded my eyes with my arm. The light lowered and I looked up to see who was in my tent. To my relief, it was only my dad.

"I think you stopped my heart!" I told him, clutching my chest. A grin spread across his face. "I just wanted to check on you."

I rolled my eyes. "Dad. I'm ten." I explained calmy to him. His smile disappered. "I know. I'm going to check on Penny." I continued to stare at him in disbelief. "Penny's thirteen, Dad." His smile returned. "I know. 'Night Amanda." He said as he crawled out of my tent. He zipped down the tent flap and started to walk away. I watched as the light from his flashlight dimmed into the darkness. I shook my head at my dad's foolishness and fell asleep.

I was running through the darkness in a forest. The dim light of the moon lit a path for me, but it was still dark. I felt as though the darkness was surrounding me, enclosing me, waiting to catch me and forever trap me in darkness.

I could hear a very deep breating behind me. To my horror, I realized that someone or something was chasing me. I glanced over my shoilder and saw the thing that was chasing me. It had the shape of a man, but ran on all fours like a dog.

As I watched from over my shoulder, I tripped on a big root sticking out of the ground. I fell flat on my face on the cold, wet forest floor. It was littered with dead pine needles which dug painfully into the soft flesh of my cheek. Meanwhile, the thing was getting closer.

I flipped over onto my back and saw that the monster was almost upon me! I started to get up but some invisible force held me down. I desperately twisted and turned as I struggled to sit up but I couldn't rise.

I took a deep breath and admitted defeat. I lay there, frozen in fear, heart in my throat, as the monster slowly crept towards me.

Then suddenly, the monster was there, leaning over me. Its breath smelled of dead meat and decay. As it opened its mouth, I saw its razor sharp teeth glisten in the moonlight. Its big yellow cat's eyes starred hard into my own. I realized it would be the last thing I would see before I was brutally staughterd by this horrible inhuman beast. I shut my eyes hard, praying it would be quick. I know that my fate was sealed. I was going to die.

I felt the monster's sharp teeth fasten around my neck. I knew there was no escaping it. I felt the incredible monsterous strengh behind that simple movement. I knew this thing could snap my neck in an instant. The grip tightened then...

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